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Marine sea tank sinks off Southern California with 16 aboard, 1 dead and 8 missing

SAN DIEGO >> An amphibious assault vehicle carrying 15 Marines and a Navy sailor sank near a military-owned island off the coast of Southern California, leaving one of the Marines dead and eight missing, authorities said today.

They were traveling in the vehicle that resembles a seafaring tank from the shores of San Clemente Island to a Navy ship Thursday evening when they reported the vehicle was taking on water, said Lt. Cameron H. Edinburgh, a Marine Corps spokesman for Camp Pendleton.

Two Marines who were rescued were injured, with one hospitalized in critical condition and the other in stable condition, a Marine Corps statement said.

Military ships, small boats and helicopters today were searching choppy seas for the missing amid moderate to strong winds...

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Sleepy lions, empty bars, lost jobs: A world without tourism

PARIS >> With no American visitors to show around the D-Day beaches or the Loire Valley’s chateaux, and no work on the immediate horizon, Paris tour guide Linda Zenou frets about how she’ll pay off a loan and continue to care for her ailing mother in the achingly lean months ahead.

“My situation is going to become completely inextricable,” she said. “We have nothing to live on.”

For growing numbers of businesses and individuals who depend on the global tourism industry, the question is not so much when the coronavirus pandemic will end but how and if they’ll survive until business picks up. In trying to fend off the virus, countries that put up entry barriers to tourists have done so at a mounting cost to themselves and others.

“It’s now survival of the fittest,” said Joha...

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Fact Check: Trump’s view of flawed voting is baseless

WASHINGTON >> President Donald Trump’s apocalyptic views of voting by mail are baseless, according to research into election fraud and the record. Despite that, he’s now floated the idea of delaying the election until it can be held “properly.”

A look at his statements on the matter Thursday and how they compare with the facts:

TRUMP: “With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???” — tweet.

THE FACTS: He’s produced no evidence that such a flawed election is in the offing for Nov. 3.

Trump has persistently theorized about rigged elections and never supported those the...

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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver John Ursua locked down with rest of Seahawks before camp

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This week, former University of Hawaii receiver John Ursua is living in the bubble.

As a precursor to next week’s start of training camp, Ursua and his Seattle Seahawks teammates are sequestered in a hotel near the team’s facilities in Renton, Wash.

“It’s been an interesting situation,” Ursua said.

Ursua, like each of his teammates and coaches, has his own room. Meals and snacks are provided.

“They drop it off outside our doors,” Ursua said. “They knock on our door, make sure we have some healthy meals.”

Team and position meetings are conducted on Zoom. The hotel gym is closed. “They’re making sure we stay in the hotel and we’re not walking around,” Ursua said, and “we have our masks on...

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State Sen. Glenn Wakai tells Aloha Stadium Authority that hope is not lost on Bill 2940

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Legislators are looking at two options this summer for reviving a key bill whose deferral in the last session has slowed the progress of the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District.

State Sen. Glenn Wakai (D, Kalihi-Pearl Harbor) told the Aloha Stadium Authority on Thursday he believes either a special session of the Legislature in August or an executive order by Gov. David Ige can restart what the deferral of Senate Bill 2940 earlier this month has slowed.

The bill, which would have transferred governance of the NASED project from the Hawaii Community Development Authority to the Stadium Authority, expired July 10, the final day of the last session due to a flaw in its language

The issue arose because HCDA’s contra...

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Ferd لوئیس: COVID-19 بازدید آه مربی Laura Beeman نزدیک به خانه در کالیفرنیا

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زمانی که مربی Laura Beeman مذاکرات به دانشگاه هاوایی رنگین کمان Wahine تیم بسکتبال در مورد خطرات COVID-19 این روزها او نمی قرائت از برخی از generic مدرسه و یا دولت دست.

ضرورت در صدای او واقعی است و این پیام است که قلبی از کسی که خانواده اش است که مقابله با این ویروس.

“این باعث می شود شما را متوقف و یک نفس عمیق گفت:” Beeman پس از یادگیری برادر باب و خواهر جینا در کالیفرنیا تشخیص داده شده اند با COVID-19.

“من نمی دانم کسی که...

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منو رستوران های سنتی

رستوران ساز از ابتدای شکل‌گیری ایده برای سرمایه‌گذاری و راه اندازی رستوران تا زمان به ثمر نشتن پروژه، در کنار شما می‌ماند.

منبع :

منو رستوران

شمار زیادی از سرمایه گذارها و رستوران داران که غذاهای خوب ایرانی فقط شامل غذاهایی مانند کباب ها و تعداد غذای خاص دیگر است و کل توان شان روی این بخش های می گذارند و به همین دلیل منوی خیلی از این رستوران ها شبیه هم می باشد و مردم از رستوران هایی استقبال می کنند که دارای تنوع غذایی بیشتری هستند. به طور کلی، منوی یک رستوران خوب باید تنوع خوبی داشته باشد و قیمت های آن مناسب باشد تا بیشتر مورد استقبال مشتریان قرار بگیرد و این مر باعث می شود که سودآوری رستوران بالا برود...

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در حرکت: تریسی آلن

در حرکت: تریسی آلن | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

هاوایی اخبار

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  • Tracy Allen

    تریسی آلن

تریسی آلنکه وابسته Coldwell Banker اقیانوس آرام خواص’ هونولولو دفتر نامگذاری شده است یکی از عوامل املاک و مستغلات در هاوایی با روند واقعی امریکا بهترین حرفه ای املاک و مستغلات گزارش...

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یکدفعه آینه: غیرنظامیان گرفتار در تیراندازی در دسامبر. 7, 1941

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در این بخش پنج از جنگ جهانی دوم سریال من نگاه کنید که چگونه شهروندان را تحت تاثیر قرار, با شروع جنگ جهانی دوم است.

ژاپنی ها حمله متمرکز در اوآهو را در پایگاه های نظامی اما غیر نظامیان در عرض 20 مایل در بر داشت خود را در تیراندازی.

ضد هواپیما آتش از نیروهای نظامی آمریکا در پرل هاربر Hickam و دیگر پایگاه کاهش یافت و بیش از همه هونولولو از Waipahu به الماس ، بدترین آسیب شد و در McCully.

Loraine یامادا گفت که او و دیگر...

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تلویزیون و رادیو – جولای 31, 2020

تلویزیون و رادیو – جولای 31, 2020 | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

ورزشی | تلویزیون رادیو

[ آگهی حذف شده است از این داستان ]

در هوا
لیست ها و اقیانوسی هاوایی Telcom آنالوگ/دیجیتال.
*—premium ایستگاه. بررسی راهنمای تلویزیون خود را برای آخرین به روز رسانی.
***—به تاخیر افتاد...

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